Racing Seat Simulator
Racing Seat Simulator

The car racing game seats are massive pleasure creators. Especially the OpenWheeler racing game simulator seat. You can have the OpenWheeler at home and enjoy an unparalleled realism in contrast with the sofa, couch, bureau or any regular chair or table.

A wholly different gaming practice.

Revel in your routine race driver game activities with OpenWheeler. The OpenWheeler car racing game cockpit delivers a superb driving realism as well as pleasure due to the precise driver seat position, the strong back and shoulder protection, and the fantastic positioning of the steering wheel and the pedals. The OpenWheeler driving simulator is not high-priced. To have it, you would have to pay out just $400 (four hundred USD) (USA, Canada) or £270 (two hundred and seventy British pounds) (UK, Europe).

Racing Seat Simulator
OpenWheeler Formula 1™ Racing Seat
Open Wheeler Best Racing Seat
Best Racing Game Simulator Seat

Racing Seat Simulator

Intending to purchase a Thrustmaster steering wheel? Will OpenWheeler work with it? This is a very weighty and large navigation wheel platform?

We didn't even have to change OpenWheeler's shape or any of its parts! It totally operated from the very beginning! Thrustmaster kind of verified how stable and modifiable OpenWheeler actually is!

Experience the same emotion that real racing drivers experience behind the steering wheel

Racing Game Simulator Review Today, home racing chairs make you feel the same thrill that real-life race drivers feel behind the steering wheel. Now it's easy to race your own Gran Turismo 5, F1 or WRC in your own personal...